Annex A - Group Research Proposal

Group Project Proposal (Science)

Names: Mohamed Ashiq, Xavier Toh, Raveen Mohanvel, Muniyandi Vignesh

Class: S2-08

Group Reference: F
1. Indicate the type of research that you are adopting:

[ x ] Observational and exploratory research

2. Write a research proposal of your interested topic in the following format:

Research Title: To investigate the effect of different acids on an egg over a certain period of time.

A. Question or Problem being addressed

A student wants to find out the effect of different acids on an egg

Independent Variables
- Type of substance the egg is submerged in
Dependent Variable
- Effects of the acids on the egg
- Type of egg
- Type of container
- No. of eggs per container

Research Question
The research question we have chosen is “What is the effect of different substances on an egg after certain periods of time?”

A lot of people like to drink beverages like soda and other acidic drinks while going to the beach. Disposing the drinks inappropriately will result in it being washed into the sea and the they get mixed with the water causing pollution. Factories that discharge chemicals will affect the corals the most. According to a research, used vinegar is a common pollutant in the sea. As a result, we are using Coke and vinegar to see the effect of different acid on an egg - as the egg shell is made of the same substance as corals, calcium carbonate. They are very sensitive to chemicals and one day, they may perish from the surface of earth.

What are we doing?
We are researching on the effect of acids on coral reefs over time and how it will affect us. Also, we will find out what is the reason that causes the acid to harm the corals. That will help us to understand the logic behind the problem faced and help us to solve the problem more efficiently. People going to the beach dump their beverages or it get washed into the oceans as a result of the waves. The citric acid in soda such as coke start to break down the coral reefs made of calcium carbonate. Factories also discharge highly toxic chemicals which corrode the coral reefs in which other marine life also die.


Hypothesis for the vinegar is it will make the egg bouncy and dissolve its eggshell.
Hypothesis for Coke is that it will also dissolve the egg and solidify the yolk.

C. Description in detail of method or procedures

Equipment list:

- 10-15 regular eggs

- 2 litres of White Vinegar

- 2 litres of Coca Cola

-  8 Small Plastic Containers. 450ml

- Weighing Scale

- Measuring Cylinder 300ml

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 9.03.24 pm.png

Eggs are submerged in Coke and are labelled c1 and c2 respectively

 Detailed procedures and experimental design to be used for data collection
1. Put 2 eggs in a plastic container.
2. Label them Egg 1 and Egg 2
3. Measure the weight of the eggs and put in the container.
4. Pour 300ml of vinegar in plastic container.
5. Let it submerge for 24hrs-48hrs.
6. Measure the weight of the egg and observe the appearance and record it in Log Book
7. Come up with a conclusion about the effects of vinegar on calcium carbonate.
8. Use two extra eggs for more reliability of the results
9. Repeat Step 1 to 8 with other substance such as cola.

Risk Assessment
-Handle the eggs with care as it can cause mess.
-Dispose the used gloves appropriately.
-Wash hands after touching the vinegar.

Data Analysis:
 Describe the procedures you will use to analyze the data/results that answer research    questions or hypotheses

  1. Compile all of the pictures.
  2. Write down any observations based on the pictures.
  3. Determine whether it is a false or positive result.
  4. Create a table based on these observations and whether or not it was a false result.

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