4. Discussions

Key Findings
After our lab tests, we have observed many changes and findings of the results of the experimented eggs. They include changes in the texture, colour, bounciness, and amount of light able to pass through it.
Explanation to Key Findings

Our results are valid, however, it is not 100% accurate as the experiment was only done once. The eggs soaked in vinegar had overcame the most number of changes in the test. The shell of the egg had dissolved, making the egg feel rather soft and fragile without the hard, protective layer of the shell. The egg also turned a pale shade of yellow and turned somewhat translucent in appearance. It is also made possible for the egg to bounce when released from a short distance in the air.
For the eggs submerged in the soda, the egg had also changed colour, with the eggs stained a dirty brown in colour all over the shell of the egg. Its shell has not yet dissolved fully although some parts of it had peeled off, but most of the shell still remains intact, retaining its firmness and hardness of the shell. Not much significant changes were noticeable from the eggs soaked in soda except for the change in colour.
Evaluation of Hypothesis
To conclude, what we hypothesised about was about the same as the results obtained except for some minor details like the change in colour for the eggs soaked in soda and the translucent-like eggs in the vinegar.

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