Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Literature Review 1

In the kitchen, vinegar is used as a cooking ingredient, but did you know there are many more other uses for it even outside the kitchen? For example, in the office you can use it to clean your computer, burnish your scissors, and even polish off any pen marks on your table. It can also be used in the living room to remove carpet stains, get rid of water marks on the sofa, clean any candle wax off the table, and use it to wipe your window blinds to give it a shine.
Moving on to the kitchen, there are also many ways to make use of vinegar to help you with your daily needs efficiently. For example, it can rid off any smoke odour, unclog drains in the kitchen sink when combined with baking soda, and can even be dipped in white bread to deodorize lunch boxes that stink.

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